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A Full time NO B.S. Realtor since 2004 Dan McDevitt leads a Team of Certified Real Estate Specialists that can assist buyers and sellers in all aspects of Residential Real Estate. Through his ups and downs in the real estate industry Dan has developed his Core Values by which he runs his Team and his Business on a daily basis.

In 2006 after an unexpected divorce and the start of what eventually became the collapse of the housing market Dan went through sudden financial distress that ultimately ended in Bankruptcy. Realizing how quickly and unexpectedly life could turn upside down he turned his biggest pain into his life's mission to help other people find a dignified solution to foreclosure and bankruptcy. From 2007-2012 during what was very turbulent economic times when financial ruin seemed inevitable and foreclosure or bankruptcy seemed to be the only answer for a home owner in Distress. Dan passionately helped hundreds of families that owed more on their homes than they were worth or were unable to pay their mortgage due to an unexpected hardship Short Sell their home and get a fresh start.

First Time Home Buyers are more to Dan than just a client, they are also students. Statistics show that Buying a Home for the first time is as stressful as the death of a close friend or family member and a divorce. The best way to relieve stress in any situation is through communication and education. That is why Dan offers a One Hour in person, Totally FREE, No Obligation Home Buying Consultation to all first time home buyers to walk them through the entire process and outline and explain the obstacles that may come up and how they can be avoided. He also covers the many different grant programs that are out there to assist first time home buyers with down payment and closing costs. Some of them Provide up to $7,500 to qualified first time home buyers.

Real Estate Investing in many ways can be and has been one of the biggest scams that is out there that continues to take advantage of people through overpriced"Seminars", On Line Courses and "Coaching Programs" that usually end up just swindling thousands of dollars from people instead of teaching them the very simple but strategic facts of Real Estate Investing. Dan has not only invested in Real Estate himself but has and continues to work with beginner and seasoned investors to help them build their portfolio of rentals properties and build wealth by using his years of resources to find goldmine deals on and off the MLS to purchase, renovate and resell for a profit 

Dan does not believe in contracts, he believes in Accountability which is why when he is working with Home Owners to sell their home he offers an unheard of One day listing agreement. He sets up and follows through with regularly communication and utilizes a Full Time Transaction Coordinator and all of the latest technology to keep the home owners informed every step of the way. Every day is like the movie "Groundhog Day" for Dan and his Home sellers, it starts over every day and if he does not follow through on any given day you can fire him No Questions Asked!!

"The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office."- Dwight D. Eisenhower

There is nothing more important to Dan then not only working with people but developing life long relationships with all of his clients. relationships that can only be developed through absolute honesty and trust and having the end result of achieving their goals in the least amount of time with the greatest result.

Most Realtors like to talk about a bunch of awards that they have won or a bunch of meaningless initials that they have attached to their name that actually do nothing to help anyone achieve their Real Estate related goals. Today is unlike any other time in history, technology changes daily and those equipped with the best tools will get the job done the quickest and the most efficiently for their clients and that is a fact

You can have 2 carpenters with the exact same skill set and experience. However if they both have the task of building a home from scratch and one carpenter is using just a hammer and the other carpenter is using an air powered nail gun that can shoot 100 nails a minute, who is going to get the job done quicker and more effectively? 

If You want Dan McDevitt and The RealVolution Homes Group to put their bag of tools to work for you contact them today to discuss your real estate related goals 

Dan McDevitt
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